Repair & Renovate

Q. What are the benefits of having my floors sanded?

A. Apart from looking beautiful, they are easy to keep clean, hygienic, and particularly of benefit to asthma sufferers, also they cannot harbour dust mites found in carpets.

Q. Are your sanding machines 100% Dust free?

A. No they are not totally dust free, somewhere between 90% – 95%, but when compared to the old style sanding machines available at hire shops, the state of the art equipment we use is far more advanced in dust collection, and altogether superior machinery with powerful performance and handling, but they are quite noisy.

Q. Do i have to clear the furniture out of the room before you arrive?

A. Ideally yes as the room needs to be totally empty before renovation can begin. We are able to help with the removal of larger furniture and also with the removal and disposal of your existing flooring (charges will apply for removal & disposal)

Q. How long will the work take?

A. There is no hard and fast guide for this. The time frame depends on the size of the area, the wood species and what condition the wood floor is in, plus the overall scope of works involved, remember that rough uneven floors will take longer than a relatively flat floor to complete. Timescale will also depend on the required finish and drying time required.

Q. My floor doesn’t look in that bad of a condition but needs tidying up a bit – is there anything you can do?

A. It may be a Clean & Polish could well be the answer – the floor is given a cleaning with our buffing machine, then the floor is given either a coat of resin emulsion polish or maintenance oil.

Q. When is it the best time to have my floor sanded, before or after the decorators/ builders have been in?

A. The best time to have your floors sanded would be just before the painting of the skirting boards, Although the machinery gets very close to the edge, they do not sand under the skirting, also the skirting boards are the only part of your room that could possibly get scuffed by our machines, but other than that, we should arrive once building work and decorating have finished.

Q. What Seal’s do you use, and will the area smell when you apply it?

A. We only use top quality water based lacquers to finish the floor, usually Bona Laquers, Traffic, Mega, or Resident Plus, sheen levels available are [ultra matt, matt, satin, semi-gloss or gloss] the sheen levels are dependent on customer requirements, we also use high quality Osmo & Woca Oils. Maintenance products are left after completion of the renovation for your future use.

NO the area will be virtually odour free when the floor has been sealed, water based seals have barely any smell at all.

NB – Water based lacquers have been the industry standard for well over a decade

Q. Can i change the colour of my floor?

A. Short answer YES – there is a wide choice of colour stains on the market, we use Morrells wood stains, which have many different colours in their range, we can apply test patches for you to view and make an informed. Remember skirting will likely need re-touching after staining.

Q. I have seen a refurbished floor in a magazine or at a friend’s house, can you guarantee our floor will look like their floor?

A. No we can’t, there are too many variables to take into account when comparing floors, Old Pine floors are still old floors, some may sand up beautifully and cleanly but others may not.

There may be shading around the edges caused by Bitumen, Sunlight, Leaks, carpet backing, spills and any number of different things that may have happened to the floor over the years, cuts from stanley knives where carpet has been laid are sometimes very deep and cannot be sanded out.

Saw cuts from plumbing work, can be fixed by replacing the boards, but at an extra cost. Remember, original floors may be well over 100 years old, this needs to be taken into account when drawing comparisons, also it may well be nigh on impossible to find replacement boards to match very old material – the end user will need to bear this in mind.

We can make the best of the floor you already have , but we cannot make them brand new again, we suggest if you want a floor to look brand new, then please ask us about supplying and laying a new one.

Q. Do you take away the sanding dust and debris?

A. All debris and sanding dust is removed from site by us.